The Child Proficiency Marker


Since January 2012, UKCP has operated a separate register for UKCP Child
Psychotherapists and Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellors, as defined by the UKCP
Standards of Education and Training (SETs).

Entry onto this register is via the completion
of an approved training programme, or a time-limited grandparenting process. The
grandparenting process is managed centrally, via a UKCP grandparenting panel, and
registrants from all colleges and modalities are able to apply via this central process for
entry onto the register. The grandparenting process closes at midnight on 30th April 2018,
after which entry onto the register will only be via training or accrediting OMs who have
approved, College specific SETs Child Psychotherapy or Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

UKCP recognises, however, that there are a large number of registrants who work
primarily with adult clients, but who may also, on occasion, work with, or wish to work with
children or young people.

A consultation process exploring the concept and nature of a
Child and Young Person Proficiency Marker with clearly defined parameters was
undertaken between July 2011 and January 2013.

This document is the culmination of this process, and defines the parameters of the
marker, and outlines process of its achievement and maintenance.



The management of Marker will be the responsibility of Colleges. Colleges need to define
college and modality specific processes for the achievement and maintenance of the Child
and Young Person Proficiency Marker, as well procedures for regaining it following a
period of inactivity. Individual registrants who wish to achieve this Marker, but whose
College does not wish to develop the necessary processes for the achievement and
maintenance of this Marker, can apply via the specialist College of Child and Adolescent
Psychotherapies (C-CAP) or other appropriate college, by arrangement.



The Child and Young Person Proficiency Marker is the means whereby UKCP signals to
the public that registered adult psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors who
have this Marker have also met a minimum standard of proficiency in relation to
therapeutic work with children and young people.<>/p>

‘Minimum standard’ is defined as a level
of knowledge and skill that aims to enhance the safety of child and young person clients,
and make sure that the therapy provided meets their human right of access to appropriate

From the perspective of the individual practitioner, achievement The Child and Young
Person Proficiency Marker is via initial supported self-certification which is subsequently
assessed, or via an approved training process, but in line with other UKCP requirements,
needs to be maintained in order to remain valid.