UKCP Standards of Education and Training – Grandparenting


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Guidelines for Section and Institutional Members for the Development of Grandparenting Routes to Registration as a UKCP Child Psychotherapist

1. Introduction

>p>This document is a template for Section and Institutional Members to support those Training Member Organisations whose Child Psychotherapy Courses it has already accredited to manage a Grandparenting route to Registration as a UKCP Child Psychotherapist.

In this context Grandparenting can be defined as the process of recognising the skills and knowledge of an individual who has not completed a UKCP accredited training programme in Child Psychotherapy, but who nevertheless meets the minimum standards set by the Training Member Organisation, by virtue of their considerable proven, relevant, professional experience ranging over a long period of time.

These individuals will have trained and /or developed their expertise in the field of child psychotherapy before the current custom and practice of course recognition in Child Psychotherapy. While they may have had minimal sustained formal training in this field, their long professional experience and professional development will be such that they will have achieved the specified learning outcomes as stipulated in Section and Institutional Member 2 below.

UKCP accreditation in Psychotherapy with Children through the Grandparenting Clause will only be available for a limited period of time. Applications will need to be submitted and the process completed within 5 years from the date of publication of this document.

Application for Grandparenting must be made to Member Training Organisations in the first instance. As with the Child Psychotherapy Training Standards and the Post Qualifying Standards for Child Psychotherapy, the standards described here are based on the existing requirements for competence of the UKCP standards framework for work with adults, and incorporates standards of best practice for work with children together with current government guidelines and statutory requirements for work in this area.

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