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College of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapies

The College for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapies (C-CAP) has been created in recognition of the importance of the specialist skills and knowledge required when meeting the needs of children and young people. The college provides a home for all the psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors who share this expertise in this specialist area of work, whatever their theoretical orientation.

The heart of our work is to uphold the emotional and psychological wellbeing of children and young people. An important part of this is achieved by focussing on standards of excellence in clinical practice within the field.

We offer membership to those who are qualified in child psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling with children and young people.

We offer membership to current and new UKCP organisations who have developed or wish to develop specialist trainings in this field. We also support organisations in obtaining such specialism.

How to join the College for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapies

You can join C-CAP either exclusively or in addition to membership of another college by clicking on C-CAP.

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