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UKCP’s position on Re-accreditation is that all clinical members must be able to provide informed documentation, as set out by their College or Organisational Member, which demonstrates and supports the way that they are practising as a Child/Adolescent psychotherapist or psychotherapeutic counsellor. This process must be undertaken at a minimum of once every five years.

The purposes of re-accreditation are:-
1) To underpin and promote reflective and informed practice and continuing professional development.
2) As a result, to underpin and support best practice in a way that is beneficial to both practitioners and service-users.

Child and Adolescent Therapies College minimum requirements are:
Completion of an application form and submission of the required fee.
This must be sent with supporting documentation to the Registrar, Child and Adolescent Therapies College, 23 Cranwell Court, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2UX. The paperwork will be checked and forwarded to the Accreditation Committee who will have the jurisdiction to

  1. Recommend re-accreditation
  2. Reject the application for re-accreditation
  3. Request more information from the candidate.

In the event of a request for more information the Registrar will communicate with the candidate setting out the required information and deadlines for the receipt of such information.
In the event that the accreditation committee turn down the request for re-accreditation the registrar will communicate this decision to the candidate who may submit an appeal. The details of how the appeal must be submitted will be communicated to the candidate in writing.
A successful re-accreditation will be communicated to the candidate together with information regarding the Child and Adolescent members’ register.

Supervision Record

members should provide documentation to verify supervision provision over the previous 5 years. They must prove that they adhere to UKCP/C-CAP standards of supervision for work with children and adolescents. This should also include a statement from their current supervisor in support of the members practice and verifying the amount of contracted supervision.

Clinical Record:
members should be able to provide an overview of their clinical hours over the last 5 years. This normally would show an amount of clinical hours worked and a breakdown of the hours (i.e. assessments, short-term work , age groups, context and so forth).

members need to give details of their CPD over the earlier 5 years in keeping with UKCP’ and the College’s CPD requirements. The minimum requirement is 250 hours over a 5 year period with a minimum of 20 hours in any one year. Along with details of all CPD undertaken within the preceding 5 years, members need to provide documentary evidence of at least 50 hours i.e. CPD certificates of attendance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance:
members must provide evidence of current & adequate indemnity insurance.

Enhanced DBS Check
members must submit with their application evidence of an up to date Enhanced DBS check.

Practice Development:
members must write a statement to demonstrate how their practice has developed over the previous five years. Being mindful of their individual CPD and the College’s core responsibility in working toward excellence in practice in the field of child & adolescent psychotherapies. members are asked to highlight how their clinical practice has evolved. Members should also consider how their practice and development reflects the Diversity and Equality Policy of UKCP (a copy of which is available on the UKCP website

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